This is me whining. I know that. I totally know that. You have been warned.As I mentioned...

This is me whining. I know that. I totally know that. You have been warned.

  • As I mentioned previously, I’m tired. OMG, SO TIRED. For no real reason? I think?
  • As I also mentioned previously, I have a 7am meeting on Thursday morning. This is … not an ideal time for me.
  • Today I have done a lot of dayjob work, the dishes, multiple loads of laundry, and dyed my hair. And I was tired before doing all that.
  • I would possibly strangle someone for a grilled cheese sandwich. I can’t have one, because this low-carb way of eating has drastically lowered my pain levels, but argh. Grilled cheese sandwich. 
  • I suspect there is no way I’m getting a Gothic Charm School post written for this month, which makes me feel like a guilty slacker.
  • Pete doesn’t get home for another 5 days. 

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Low carb diets tend to to make you low in energy too.

I haven’t had that problem, weirdly. I’ve been eating this way for … almost 6 months now, and I’ve actually had more energy. Usually. But right now? Nope, want to go take a nap. Naaaaaap.

I mean, I kinda hate the idea of eating this way, because I love bread and sugar with a pure and fervent love. But the drop in my chronic pain levels is astonishing, so I have accepted that bread and real sugar have to be very occasional Sometimes Foods.

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#Beekeepers are infinitely innovative!🏋🏻‍♀️🐝Thank you #HarrisHoney #Repost @harris_honey
Honey comb makes a great eclipse viewer. (With binocular solar projector). Things you figure out when your harvesting during eclipse.
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Get behind the BEE SHIELD to protect your eyes from the GIANT LIGHT ORB